Monday, April 29, 2013

The Story of the Three Sisters' Garden

So much joy comes for me with Spring!  Just the sheer knowledge that I made it through the dark and gloomy Oregon winter is enough to send my heart soaring.  But Spring's gifts do not stop there, Easter, a steady unfurling of flower blossoms, off and on sunshine with fresh pourings of rain, and the endless opportunities to work in my yard.  I feel so alive!

This week I'm working on my garden.  Today I started a Three Sister's Planting.  This is an Native American tradition of mindfully planting corn, beans, and squash.  Before I started planting I did a Google search to get more information on how and why this is done.  What I found on it was so interesting I wanted to pass it on here.

At first, I thought this page was too "Thanksgivingy" to post in Spring.  Then I realized the only reason the Pilgrims and Natives were able to have a feast in the fall was because they planted in the Spring.  Their planting technique was unique to North America and true to their tradition of caring for the earth.  Since Earth Day was last week this "planting story" seems more than fitting for a lovely Spring day like today!

I also can't help but see the metaphor between growing a garden and growing children.  I'm pretty sure there is a story there for me to explore but I haven't quite worked it out yet.

Happy Growing!

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