Friday, February 10, 2012

A Mad Lib Valentine!


We've been busy around our place lately, mostly with the addition of a new baby!  Hence, the reason why I haven't been posting.  But when Thing One got a Mad Lib pad as a reward for moving up a level in his homeschool readers I thought a Mad Lib would be a perfect post for Valentine's Day.

One night at dinner we filled in the blanks to one of the Mad Libs and then read it back.  Not only was it a great tool for practicing such things as adverbs and nouns it was hilarious fun.  When we read a story that involved a store called "Cuties R' Us" we couldn't stop laughing.  It was a great family story activity and it brought back tons of childhood memories.

I actually thought I'd write one of my own and then I stumbled across some freebies at  It was too perfect to pass up.  So click HERE and enjoy a trip down Memory Lane with your kids! 

We actually printed off these three different Valentine Mad Libs and put them on cardstock and Thing One wrote a note for each of the kids in his Writing Class.  They've been doing Mad Libs for fun in his class and we thought this would be a unique and easy homemade Valentine.  Got to love unique and easy!

Happy Valentine's Day!