Friday, March 8, 2013

Birthday Crowns

It's Thing 1's birthday.  One special little thing I've done to honor them as individuals is make them a Birthday Crown.  Each boy has his own crown.  It's part of our dress up box actually.  They get used in all kinds of ways all year long.  These crowns are nothing too fancy.  I used scraps of felt and left over elastic and hand drew a crown pattern on paper.  Then I sewed them together.  Each year the boys pick out a new button to add to the crown.  Just today Thing 1 said, "Man, what will this thing look like when I'm in 12th grade?"  I wonder too!

The first two boys' crowns are very similar because I did them at the same time.  Thing 3's crown is a little different and frankly I like his the best (but don't tell!)  I just finished his today.  Which is sad because his birthday was almost two months ago.  We haven't even celebrated his special day yet.  But we will if for no other reason than to get a staged picture so when he's 18 years old, and looking through pictures for his graduation slide show, he will think we actually had a first birthday for him.  Poor little third boy! 

Apparently lazy is the theme I'm going for with Thing 3 because I felt lazy today when I went to finally make his crown.  I just didn't feel like hauling my heavy sewing machine out to the kitchen table so I decided to hand stitch it with scraps of embrodery floss I had lying around.  It turned out so whimsical and sweet.  The brothers picked out his first year button and it was a perfect choice.  What do you think?

Happy Tales!

ps. I believe my original inspiration for these crowns was from

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