Thursday, August 20, 2015

Elvis and The Lord's Supper

The “King” is dead.  We got home from vacation to discover the disturbing news that Elvis, our rooster, was savagely taken by a coyote.  All that remained of him was a few drops of blood and a pile of his beautiful tail feathers.  We were all in denial.  We walked our property calling for him.  We tried luring him with food scraps.  We waited to see if he would make his way in to the coop for the night.  He never did.  That night as we toasted to my husband’s 40th Birthday with sparkling cider Justice calls out, “And to Elvis, the bravest rooster alive, or dead, I guess,” and we had our moment of silence for the sacrifice he made for his hens. 

All of us knew what kind of rooster he was.  He was big and regal.  He had gorgeous clean white feathers with a bit of silver around his neck and in his tail.  He reminded us of the “King” in his famous white and silver jump suit, hence his name.  He was good with the ladies, too.  He was faithful at his job.  Twice we saw him scare off a hawk that had swooped down to snatch one of the girls.  Another time I heard him make a sound much like a growl and then saw every single lady disappear while Elvis strutted around flapping his wings and crowing as he kept his eye on the sky.  Not only was he good with the ladies he never attacked me or my boys, which is how our last rooster came to meet Jesus. 
Public Domain Rooster Image
We could all very easily picture what happened the day Elvis died.  All was quiet on our property, as our rambunctious boys were all gone.  The hens were scattered about the place doing their thing, scratching, taking a dust bath, sitting on eggs, happily just being free ranging hens.  Elvis was overseeing it all with a watchful eye, maybe he had found a juicy fig that had fallen off the tree next to the forest line and he called the ladies over to enjoy it.  Then something moved in the trees and Elvis snapped to attention.  His warning call rung out and all the ladies scatter as the coyote made his move.  Elvis ran to meet it.  Wings spread wide, neck stretched out, spurs ready for attack.  He managed to distract the coyote just long enough for the ladies to get to safety and then they watched the chase that followed.  Elvis, a Coronation Sussex, was a very large and heavy bird weighing in at around 10 pounds.  He lumbered when he ran and didn’t have much agility.  The coyote was able to overtake him and drag him deep into the trees where, eventually, he finished him off.  Poor Elvis, he was so brave.

The next day, it just so happened, I wanted to talk to my boys about Communion.  Coming from a Quaker background my boys’ experience of Communion was mostly special occasions as a family.  Christmas and Easter is typically where we would break the bread, drink the wine, and read about the last supper and Christ’s call to “do this in remembrance of me”.  I can only remember two times that we have ever had Communion as a body at the “Meeting House”, otherwise known as “church” to Non-Quakers.  Truthfully, I always longed for a few more opportunities to physically share in Communion together as a body of Christ.  Not surprisingly, Communion in church every Sunday is a bit of an exciting anomaly for my boys, and although I know they know (save Manny) what it symbolizes I felt like a recap was in order. 

We talked about what the “Lord’s Supper” was all about and how Christ asked his followers to break the bread and drink the wine to remember him and what he has done for us.  I asked the boys if they understood what it was he did.  Justice answered, “Well mom, it’s kind of like what Elvis did for the ladies, he died so that the hens didn’t have to.”  Then, Gracen pipes in, “That makes me sad for Elvis.  I hope we never forget him.  I love Elvis.”  Hmmm…I could have said more, but sometimes as a parent, I talk too much.  I decided to let the rooster who was named after the “King” teach my kids about “The One True King”.

“But Jesus called the children to him and said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.  Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.’”
~Luke 18:16-17

How have your kids surprised you with their insight and understanding?


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